Over the years I have worked with some amazing people on many fascinating projects. Wide-ranging topics that I would not get to experience otherwise keep this business exciting!


“ Would I be gushing too much if I said it is BEAUTIFUL ? ”

“ The 'Bio' page looks even better on the computer screen than I had envisioned it in my 'mind's eye', when we were discussing it on the phone earlier this afternoon. ”

“ Your suggestion (and addition) of the 'Triple Self Portrait' illustration (in the smaller size) and it's carefully selected placement at just the right juncture in the bio's text at the About the Artist spot is brilliantly done. . .a "Work of page layout Art" in and of itself. There is art director quality to your work that fascinates me. . .one of your most delightful assets. ”

“ I admire that skill in you. Always have. The ability to blend text and graphics is as rare a talent as is the talent to draw and paint three-dimensional objects and visions on a two-dimensional plane and create the 'illusion of depth'. ”

“. . . Anyway.. .your work is flawless, IMO. ”

“. . . you must know that I am absolutely convinced that you are honorably professional and sensitively caring with everyone with whom you deal. ”

“. . . Thanks for being more than a 'Techie' for me and mine. ”

“ You are "Number One" with me! ”


Ted Watts: tedwatts.org


I look forward to discussing how I can help your endeavor reach its maximum potential with a customized web solution. I will be happy to provide code examples for serious business inquiries.

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