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Ruby on Rails, MySQL. Database and site development, implementation and maintenance as well as server and email administration. This boutique roasting house required a distinctive shopping experience combined with an exhaustively function-rich back-end that did everything except measure the coffee, roast it and package it for shipment. This left the client free to focus on customer service, their strongest attribute besides roasting coffee! The e-Commerce front end included customized credit card processing with the LinkPoint API, customer accounts, gifting options, multiple ship-to functions, periodic charges and pausing and canceling of recurring orders, and a dash of AJAX and Javascript for ease of use and an efficient user interface. It used SOAP and WSDL to interact with the US Postal Service API and the State of Kansas API for shipping and tax calculations. The back-end of the site handled, among other things, customer accounts, inventory, logistics, shipping, and promotional sales.

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